Strength Competition Kicks-Off in Israel


by NTDTelevision

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The search to find the strongest person in Israel was just like pulling a truck uphill- for the contestants anyway. Competitors had to pull ten ton trucks in the "Strongest Person" championships. Our correspondent has more.

It was the first time for some of the male and female competitors to particiapte in a truck-pulling event.

This year the competition focused on pulling heavy trucks under two weight categories -- seven-and-half tons, and ten tons.

Some prepared for the competition.

[Stephane Tibi, Competitor]:
"First of all, training, lots of leg workout and endurance exercises. During the last month I went on a special diet. I ate certain foods on certain days. A month ago I began training on a daily basis."

The winner gets to go on a vacation and earns the title "The strongest person in Israel."

Sergi Piniatchev who is competing for the second time is a physical fitness trainer and the winner of the men's truck-pulling competition this year.

[Sergei Piniatchev, Competitor]:
"I don't only train to pull trucks. I also train in powerlifting and I was a two-time world champion."

Competing in the women's team is Iris Shekhter. This is her second time competing in the seven-and-a-half ton truck-pulling category. She also participates in European powerlifting competitions.

[Iris Shekhter, Competitor]:
"I've pulled a car. Besides that I've been preparing for the European Powerlifting Championship so I have plenty of training. I'm in the competition because it's fun. It breaks my routine and I get to do things that I normally don't do as part of my training program, and here we get a chance to connect."