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    G20 Nations Gather in Seoul, South Korea


    by NTDTelevision

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    G20 parliamentary leaders and representatives gather in the South Korean capital to discuss anti-terrorism and nuclear issues. The meeting is a follow-up to last year's G20 summit in Seoul, and is expected to focus on how the legislative bodies of G20 nations can cooperate better.

    Parliamentary leaders and representatives from 26 nations and groups kicked off the G20 Speakers' Consultation 2011 in Seoul on Thursday.

    Following the G20 economic summit in Seoul last November, South Korea once again hosts this three-day gathering at the capital's National Assembly... the theme... "Safe World, Better Future."

    Anti-terrorism and nuclear issues are among the topics on the agenda.

    [Park Hee-tae, Parliamentary Speaker, South Korea]:
    "Now mankind is facing very serious and important matters such as global natural disasters, poverty, terrorism, climate change and stable management of nuclear energy. These several matters happening in the world are difficult to be solved by one nation. Many nations should work together and make joint efforts."

    They are also expected to discuss dealing with Japan's nuclear crisis after the devastating quake and tsunami on March 11th.

    The parliamentary leaders and representatives are set to talk about three main issues: parliamentary cooperation for world peace and anti-terrorism, assistance for developing nations, and international cooperation for joint growth in the post-financial crisis era.

    The Speakers' Consultation in Seoul wraps up Friday.