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    Tooth Extraction vs. Tooth Repair by Adrian Fenderson Dentist Napa, CA


    by dentist_napaca

    In this video Dr. Adrian Fenderson dentist in Napa, CA speaks about the advantages of conserving your own teeth. Many times individuals rather pay couple hundred dollars to have their tooth extracted instead of having to pay couple thousands, and have that same tooth repaired. Here is the downfall with tooth extraction. When a tooth is extracted after several months teeth begin to overlap, move, and this causes face changes. In some cases the face begins to show shrinking affects and overall individuals begin to look older. Dr. Adrian Fenderson recommends individuals to conserve their teeth and consider a tooth extraction as a last option. Cosmetic dental procedures can be done at Cosmetic and Family Dental Care of Napa, CA. For more videos visit
    Dr. Adrian Fenderson also serves the following cities: Napa CA, Oakville CA, Yountville CA, Sonoma CA, Vineburg CA, and Boyes Hot Springs CA