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    [PCN-TV] Conference HANDS OFF LIBYA / Opening speech of the Secretary-general of the Libyan National Youth Union


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    International Conference "Remove your hands away from Libya" : On 17 and 18 April 2011, was held in Tripoli, the first meeting of THE NGO INTERNATIONAL CONTACT GROUP ON LIBYA,
    Jointly organized by the Libyan Association "Stop War Foundation”, the National Organization of Libyan Youth, with the help of the pan-European networks ELAC - Euro-Libyan Action Committees,
    On April 17, the Conference begins before the representatives of the diplomatic corps, the Libyan authorities and the international and Libyan press (TV and radio).
    It was Dr Moussa Ibrahim, who opened the conference by a speech of introduction, brilliant and pugnacious.
    To defer to Luc MICHEL who pronounces in French the opening speech of the conference.
    Following by the Secretary-general of the National Organization of Libyan Youth and European and African delegates.