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    2002 Belgica - Sergio & The Ladies


    por Galiza

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    Sister, Sister, Sister, Sister
    Once upon a time I was looking for a girl like you.
    Like the thunder in the night Though the fire's burning so brand new
    She was getting so much younger
    And she never learned just what to do
    That's why I'm telling you...

    Sister, come on and move your body
    Sister, so come on and make my day
    I'm in love and I can make it feel this way
    That's why I wanna say

    Oh yeah, that's how I wanna feel honey

    When a boy becomes a man, Guess you better know the chance you'll take
    Don't you play your game so fast, 'cos a broken heart's the price you pay
    Let me try and make it better
    Cos there's so much more that we can do

    Sister, come on....

    Sister, get it right the first time
    Sister, don't you wait another day
    I can make you feel this way
    That's what I wanna say

    Let's make it better
    I just can't wait
    It's now or never
    Don't you walk away
    Let's stick together
    Night and day
    Baby don't you walk away