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    New London Home For Antarctic Penguins


    by NTDTelevision

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    A group of Gentoo Penguins are busy exploring their new Sea-Life Aquarium home in the center of London. Although indigenous to the frozen Antarctic Continent, they appear to be settling in very well at their new residence.

    Nine Gentoo penguins have taken up residence at the new Sea-Life Aquarium in the center of London.

    The penguins arrived 8 days ago from Edinburgh Zoo to start their new life in the Antarctic-themed adventure area of the Aquarium which opened on May 18th.

    As a group of children helped to tear down a wall of artificial ice blocks, General Manager of the Aquarium Toby Forer described how pleased he was with the latest additions.

    [Toby Forer, General Manager, Sea Life London Aquarium]:
    "The Gentoo Penguins are fabulous. They're very streamlined. They're fast- swimming, they're very sociable animals. And here we've got a few breeding pairs as well. So we're very excited about a breeding program for the future."

    Gentoo penguins can exceed speeds of 22 miles per hour in the water and are able to dive to a depth of around 550 feet.

    A white stripe across the top of their head and a bright orange bill distinguishes them from other penguin species.

    An adult male Gentoo Penguin can reach a height of 36 inches making it the third largest penguin species.

    The new penguin area is open to the public during normal opening hours of the Aquarium.