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    Nurses Model New Uniforms for International Nurses Day


    by NTDTelevision

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    On International Nurses Day, nurses are modelling new and improved gowns. Bright colors and an original cut distinguish these uniforms from the usual white gowns. It is expected that the improved image could even contribute to a more rapid recovery of patients.

    Nurses from clinics and hospitals show a new collection of professional clothing at this year's International Nurses Day.

    Female nurses are trying their hands at modeling for the first time and seem to be enjoying their new image.

    The collection designer, Olesya Telizhenko, has made bathrobes more feminine and even playful, with some having ruffles and pleated skirts.

    [Olesya Telizhenko, Designer]:
    "I love clothes that show more of a classic silhouette, which emphasize the waist for women—a special attribute. I really do not like the dimensionless gowns that can be worn on all different people and different shapes. "

    Female nurses choose their uniform styles and colors carefully, because good presentation can affect their patients to a large extent.

    [Olesya Telizhenko, Designer]:
    "We now have proof—doctors have said that when they are in a handsome suit, the good image has a healing effect on the patient."

    The models say they're happy with the new uniforms.

    [Ekaterina Bondar, Nurse]:
    "Very comfortable. Very nice fabric. I really like it."

    [Yaaroslava Verbitskaya, Nurse]:
    "I really like this color. It is gentle, warm and gives me pleasure."

    [Lyudmila Lyatifova, Nurse]:
    "What kind of job is it, if you have to wear a uniform like a kind of bag? People will see you in the same light as your image. And when you are beautifully dressed, you can have the same positive attitude."

    If everything works out, Olesya plans to launch a series of uniforms for nurses of all branches of medicine.

    NTD News, Kyiv, Ukraine.