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    Bigot Bell - Episode 1 - We Have a Problem

    Louis Flores

    by Louis Flores

    Taco Bell Needs Cultural Competency Training. A Yum! Brands Employee at Taco Bell in Louisiana is Dismissed Because He is Gay.

    The LGBT civil rights group Connecting Rainbows is calling for a world-wide boycott of Yum! Brands restaurants, which includes KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell.

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    Jason Ray Smith, a gay employee of Taco Bell, was dismissed from work because he was honest about his sexual orientation on his profiles on Facebook and Connecting Rainbows.

    Members of Connecting Rainbows have started an online petition on, demanding that Taco Bell institute cultural competency training.

    Mr. Smith was told he needed to be taken out to the field and have the gay beaten out of him. When he reported it, Mr. Smith was harassed and intimidated by Taco Bell management.