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    EC Twins 'Heat It Up'


    by A3Network

    1 110 views EC Twins 'Heat It Up'. A 5th & Ocean Production. From the most underground nightclubs in the world, to the most exclusive events on the planet, the ec twins have become two of the electronic music worlds most important pioneers, busiest performers and best loved artists. Playing a major part as producers, remixers, dj’s and even promoters of electronic music, the ec twins are considered to be 2 of the most influential figures in a new generation of artists, even though on a private level they have played a major role in the genres development for quite some time, a fact that adds even more mystique to the duos vast resume.

    Named after a succesful club they once created in the u.k (eye candy) that developed a huge cult following & kick started their career, the ec twins have performed at capacity events in all four corners of the globe, from northern europe to south east asia, appearing in front of tens of thousands at festivals, to hundreds at the worlds most exclusive boutique venues.

    Their unique sound and energetic performances have gained a passionate fan base in every continent and their prominence in the u.s club scene is considered to be a fundamental factor in rekindling the countries love for house music and the genres growth on a global scale! As two of electronic musics most diverse artists the ec twins are famed for an energetic music policy that seemingly thrills fans of every sub genre in electronic music.

    Stoic soulful house heads, germany’s techno fraternity, electro clash rock concerts, the disco infused global pride weekends and even the celebrity laced events of the fashion and movie industries have all been entertained by the ec twins performances and have made the twins themselves cult icons of the electronic music scene and two of the globes most ‘in demand’ dj’s. From behind the scenes, the ec twins have a long list of production and remix work using many pseudonyms, as well as producing and promoting huge events on a global scale. The ec twins calendar is full with back to back bookings across the globe, studio work, event organization and media coverage and this hectic schedule increases on a daily basis!.

    Recently the e.c twins have been using their dj title as producers with great success, havig achieved top 10 success with their remix of andy caldwell’s “scream” and more exciting releases soon to come!

    Though their friends and fans love the twins where they are now – privately cherished by a passionate cult following and closely guarded by exclusive and intimate bookings – it seems inevitable that, since the ec twins name is now synonymous with the rise in popularity of electronic music across the globe, we are witnessing the ec twins taking their destined places amongst electronic musics most elite aristocracy …