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    Chinese Call for Press Freedom, Urge Chunghwa to Renew NTD AP's Contract


    by NTDTelevision

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    Our viewers in China are urging Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom to renew its contract with our partner in Taiwan—NTD Asia Pacific. NTD AP relies on Chunghwa's satellite to broadcast into China. Our Chinese viewers fear that once the contract ends in August, they'll lose access to news that's not available in the Mainland.

    Since April, calls have been mounting on Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom Company to extend its satellite contract with our partner station in Taiwan—NTD Asia Pacific. Our viewers in Mainland China are now appealing to Chunghwa to renew the contract.

    [NTD Viewer, Zhejiang Province]:
    "As an NTD viewer I support its global broadcast very much, especially in a place where people speak Chinese. Mainland China's media is littered with untruthful news. NTD has carried out its responsibility as a media broadcaster very well. In China, [state] media are not real news media, they're just a propaganda tool."

    NTD AP has been broadcasting to the Asia Pacific region through Chunghwa's satellite since 2007. In April, Chunghwa said it refuses to renew its contract when it expires in August. They say it has no capacity for NTD's signal because of a satellite changeover. Many people reject that claim, and believe the company is being pressured by the Chinese regime. The Taiwanese government is Chunghwa's main shareholder, and it's been pursuing closer ties with the Mainland.

    Still, our Chinese viewers want Chunghwa to uphold Taiwan's democratic ideals.

    [NTD Viewer, Hubei Province]:
    "Taiwan should be a place of democracy. Chunghwa should continue its contract with NTD. This will be in-line with the standards of the international community, and Taiwan's own standards."