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    Hundred of Thousands Gather to Mark Buddhist Vesak Day


    by NTDTelevision

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    Hundreds of thousands of Buddhist in Thailand celebrated the Vesak Day holiday on Tuesday. The occasion marks the day the founder of Buddhism was born, a time they say was of spiritual enlightenment.

    On Tuesday, thousands of Buddhists in Thailand gathered in Pathumthani Province to celebrate Vesak Day.

    It's a traditional holiday for Buddhist countries. Vesak is the day that the founder of Buddhism was born.

    Around 10,000 Buddhist monks prayed at Dhammakaya temple.

    After sunset, people light candles and walk clockwise three times around the main chapel to remember the day the Buddha was born.

    Buddhists also offer alms and pay homage to Buddha, as well as meditate, believing it will bring them peace and happiness in life.

    Vesak Day is also celebrated in other countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Burma and Laos.