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http://goldenphoenixbooks.com is proud to present The Smart Patients' Handbook by David Filip.

It isn't easy to be a patient. Aside from the worry about having an illness or injury, there are doctors to visit, tests, drugs, and the recovery process.

All of these can take a lot of time and money, and the best course of action is not always clear. Wouldn't it be great to know exactly how to deal with all the biggest hurdles ahead of time?

Now you can be prepared. The Smart Patient's Handbook was specifically designed to help you navigate the health care landscape like a seasoned pro.

Get the information the doctors know so you can make informed health care decisions. Learn about the latest research on immune system boosting foods and supplements, get simple strategies to decrease the cost of prescription drugs, learn how to find a doctor you can work with, and more. These tips are also important for caretakers or even for people who must take care of their pets.

This book also has a glossary with over 385 useful medical words defined in plain English. It makes complicated health care issues easy to understand.

Whether dealing with a potentially fatal disease or the common cold, everyone wants the best medical care they can get.

From doctors' advice and the experience of thousands of patients who have been given the wrong tests, visited the wrong doctor, received the wrong prescription, or just needed to recover, their combined knowledge will be in your hands when you read The Smart Patient's Handbook.

You can get the book directly from http://www.goldenphoenixbooks.com, or you can buy it at online booksellers or order it at your favorite book store.