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    The Official Valley Fever Survivor Medical Glossary - ...


    by ValleyFeverSurvivor

    20 views is proud to present the Official Valley Fever Survivor Medical Glossary.

    It is often difficult for patients with Valley Fever to understand unfamiliar medical terms from their doctor visits, their hospital stays, or the results of their laboratory tests.

    People from all over the world visit and e-mail a variety of questions. They are often frustrated with being unable to understand their medical papers or what the doctor tells them.

    Now this task has been made easy with The Official Valley Fever Survivor Medical Glossary. Over 465 words of technical medical jargon have now been translated into plain English that anyone can understand.

    Many terms have expanded definitions that focus on their specific meaning to patients with Valley Fever. Whether you, a family member, or a pet must deal with Valley Fever, this glossary will help you understand what is written in medical documents. The comprehensive scope of this glossary is valuable for patients with a variety of other diseases as well.

    The Official Valley Fever Survivor Medical Glossary offers more than just words and definitions. It provides basic information on Valley Fever, maps of endemic areas in the United States, and useful risk management tips.

    This comprehensive layman's medical glossary will help patients and their families to understand the medical information they need to know.

    You can get the book directly from, or you can buy it at online booksellers or order it at your favorite book store

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