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    Summer Youth Camp- Youth Shivir 2010


    by Gurumaa-Ashram

    Every year Rishi Chaitanya Ashram celebrates the most vibrant event the year -- The Annual Youth Camp. This vibrant camp is open to youth from all over the world between the age group of 14yrs to 24yrs. An unforgettable experience, youngsters cherish it for their life time. The camp is designed especially for younsters to espouse health, well-being and conscious living. It brims them with confidence to face the challenges of this competitive world and teaches the science of perfect living. In the year 2010 also, this annual youth camp was organised with great gusto and zeal. Unlike our homes, the day in the ashram begins at 4.30a.m. Participants here enjoy getting up early and participate in all the activities with great zeal and enthusiasm. In this camp too, the day used to begin early with offering of prayers followed by the practices of yoga asanas and pranayama.These practices are not just to do with the body, in fact, it is about the total wellbeing of an individual. These help a great deal in harmonising the energy-flow, which is immensely crucial for progress on the path of total well being. Today's competitive and stressful environment requires the youth to maintain a strong equilibrium between mind and brain. Besides, such an environment creates need for improved memory and concentration. In this view, two contemporary yet powerful meditation techniques namely tratak and yog nidra were taught to the youth. During the day, special workshops like candle making, painting, photography, cooking etc. were conducted for these young minds helping them explore their inner reservoir of creativity. Fear and phobias, anger and anxiety, guilt feelings, lack of confidence, lack of concentration, inferiority complex, negative thinking, depression and many more forcefully drive out our energies in difficult times. In this context, the sessions with Gurumaa turned out to be the most important and the highlighting feature of this camp. Besides interacting with the youth, giving them the wisdom and knowledge, Gurumaa touched upon some of the very crutial topics which are very important for the youth in day-today life. Like a mother, a mentor, a friend she gave them various opportunities to speak their mind and clarify their doubts, gently guiding them for a wholesome living. Under the able guidance of Gurumaa, the youth practiced various techniques of meditation intended to tame their untrained mind and experience the bliss within. Another highlighting feature of this camp was the various workshops on topics like facing exam without fear and stress, love, infatuation & sex, body language, effective communication skills and many more. Trained experts in these various fields interacted with them giving useful tips on personality development, handling different situations, and the nuts & bolts of an interview. Career counseling paved a path for all in their respective careers and helped them come out of topsy-turviness. The importance of unconditional service (sewa) and cleanliness was also elucidated in one of the workshops, so that the youth can be an asset to the society. Dance and talent hunt were also organised that saw the youth unleash their talent. Everyone's heart was euphoric while watching the 'Talent Hunt Show' on the last evening that opened the reservoir of creativity amongst the youth. The youth also saw a vivacious movie clip regarding 'power of brain' which was indeed a novel experience for them. Every day used to sum up with knowledgeable interactions and group discussions amongst the youth themselves. The concerted painstaking efforts of the guild in Ashram, without getting frazzled, revamped every youth and enhanced their versatility. Following a time bound schedule and the awareness for cleanliness, inculcated self decipline and taught them the key for time management in an efficient way. Gurumaa's magnetic charisma and her deep knowledge leaves a deep impression on the minds of these adolescents standing on the threshold of adulthood. Indeed it is the right age to be in the company of an enlightened master and seek the true purpose of life. This empowers them with skills needed to make an apprised, strong and responsible individual.Each one who attends this camp feels that they have learnt precious lessons which will be beneficial in helping them achieve success in life.