ECONOMY REPORT 2011.02.02 (21:30)

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ECONOMY REPORT 2011.2.2 21:30 (1) 1 PROPERTY TAX MATTERS BIG 2 KAHN ON EMPLOYMENT 3 UNREST HITS EGYPTIAN ECONOMY 4 FRENCH CAR SALES JUMP 5 AUSTRALIA'S FLOOD 6 MEXICO'S ECONOMY 7 INVESTMENT IN MEXICO 8 COMMODITY-LED S AFRICAN TRADE SURPLUS 9 TOURISM IN S AFRICA 10 WORLD AIRLINE INDUSTRY ' Coming up... Professor with Hong Kong Polytechnic University believes the property tax will impact the way of property buying and market sales. IMF chief Strauss Kahn stresses in Singapore again the significance of rising unemployment world wide. Egypt endures another day of turmoil with big losses in stock market and stop in business transactions. Barely after the worst ever flood in Australia, we will briefly review how severe that was. Hello and welcome to Economy report. I'm NIE DANYANGZHI in Beijing. 1. STORY: PROPERTY TAX MATTERS BIG DATELINE: Feb. 2, 2011 LENGTH: 0:00:00 LOCATION: Hong Kong PKG Intro: With Chinese mainland's launch of trial property tax in Powered by Producer : Xinhua News Agency