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    Are Desires our strength or weakness?


    by Gurumaa-Ashram

    Q : Gurumaa, if our desires do not fulfil what should we do? Relax and think "Koi nahi hamari kismat mein nahi tha?" This way we make them our weakness, instead of strength, as our actions would not be 100%. Or should we try again. If so, then how do we know that yes, it is really not meant for us because until we attain it we do not know whether it is good or bad for us. We try for it thinking that it is good for us. Then how to make them our strength? Gurumaa: Truth is that the human mind is very-very greedy and it wishes to achieve and attain everything possible under this sky and whenever one fails to attain those wishes he/she begins to blame either God or nature or karma for it. And thats the story of your question also. When you fail in your efforts then you put the blame on God, what about when you succeed and you gain what you wanted, wouldnt you like to facilitate God for all those great achievements which you have done. Thats the hypocrisy of human mind. Thats how we wish to believe and live our life. Dont play these games with yourself. There can be only two approaches, one is whatever is happening it is happening because of God and second is whatever is happening is happening because of my Karma. In these cases either God is responsible for everything or I am. If it is a game of God then it is his game, let him play as it suits him. If it is my game, I am responsible for fruits of my own karma & I cannot blame God. It cant be like this that on my success I take all the glory and when I fail, I put all the wrath and blame on God.