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    What is your opinion about Hazrat Ali and Prophet Mohammed?


    by Gurumaa-Ashram

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    Sayed, why do you want my opinion about them? Why could you not write a simple question which you wanted to ask, not just an opinion but real solutions for some real problems which you are facing in your life. Why waste your time on talking about or asking a question about Prophet Mohammad? He was an enlightened person, who was in love with Allah, who was the beloved of Allah and I believe that this question is absolutely unspiritual and I am not a head of some religion, I am not a representative of any religion. I have nothing to do with any religion. I just love, I just adore, I just worship all enlightened beings who could understand the mystery called God. And that is how our approach should be. The lines drawn in between religions, demarcations which are there in between various religions and their people have so much of animosity against one another in the name of religion. Sorry, I have nothing to do with any religion, any religion of any sort. I am for truth & truth means everything, the rest does not matter.