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    How to accelerate growth in meditation practice?


    by Gurumaa-Ashram

    Q: I am practising meditation for the past few years but the coming and going of thoughts still continues. I am not able to become thoughtless. This is sure that during meditation I do not feel like breathing at all as only 25% of breath is left. After getting up from meditation, I do not feel like speaking also. As per your opinion, is this meditation or something else? What should I do? Gurumaa Answer: The first thing Sandhya, to have complete thoughtlessness in meditation, for that you must have continuous tolerance and patience and keep the process of meditation active. When the thought comes, you must act as a witness of the thought instead of starting to fight about why the thought is coming. It has come, be a witness to it and be impartial. If you remain impartial, the thoughts slowly fade out. If you would like to compare, if we say that in a normal way if in a minute one has 10 thoughts, at the time of meditation the count goes down to 5 only. You have to see whether the thoughts have become less or not. If they have become less, even this is an achievement. If you do not want thoughts to come, you have to do just one thing i.e. stop insisting that thoughts should not come. Be a witness and whatever thoughts may come, good or bad, remain impartial, unbiased, then your thoughts will definitely start to reduce. Look, when you sit in meditation, only then you come to know that these thoughts are there. For example, if we look at this stadium or the mat on the floor, it will seem to be very clean. But if we were to sweep on it with a broom, the dust will start flying. In the same way, when you sit for meditation and you see your thoughts, actually meditation is the broom which sweeps up the hidden thoughts. In this situation, you have to be content and a witness. We get attached to things in two ways through love and through hate. You remember your friends and you also remember your enemies. You are tied by the attachment of remembrance and the truth is that you remember your enemies more. Like, you have a party in your house and you invite people. Everyone came, but one nephew of yours did not come. Whom will you remember in the whole party? Hasnt he come? Miser, to save the price of a gift, he has not come. Everyone is sitting, but he cannot be seen. Ideally, you should welcome those who have come, but no, you are only concerned about the one who has not come. Your mind is running after him. Our mind remembers enemies more and friends less. The more the number of desires, expectations and wants you have, the more will be the thoughts. So if you do not want any thoughts to come, then get rid of your wants, expectations and desires. Kabir Saheb says in a bhajan of his, No taking and no giving, be concentrated. We are not going to be friendly with anybody nor are we going to have enmity with anyone. Friends and foes bind the mind and I have to keep my mind free. The body is made from five elements namely - earth, water, fire air and ether. This cage is made out of the five elements and inside it stays my myna bird that speaks. From inside it, this myna bird of my - the soul, speaks a lot. You will say, we are householders and that we have to give and take. But my brother, Kabir was also married. He did not give and take even after being married. Meet all with love and say goodbye to those who are going and do not remember them after that. But what do we do? When someone comes, we stick to him and meet him, asking details and digging a pit of his life, you do not feel content even till then. Once he leaves, we keep talking about his goodness or badness. You stick to him like a chewing gum. Worldly relations are like chewing gum, the sweetness goes fast but you still go on chewing.