Baby Teeth Care Tips By Dr. Hanette Gomez, Dentist Howard Beach, NY.


by DentistCorona

In this video, Dr. Hanette Gomez, Dentist in Corona, NY, instructs parents on the proper way to care for a baby's teeth.
Prior to putting the child to sleep, as a preventive measure, parents are advised to wipe the gums of milk or food residue to prevent the development of bacteria which could lead to future decay and cavities. Dr. Hanette Gomez recommends that parents bring their children to the dentist before problems occur, to encourage trust and familiarity. Dr. Hannette Gomez works with the pediatrician in the office to give the child a more complete overall check up, and stresses that children come to the dentist as soon as their first teeth appears. Proper oral hygiene, along with stress free check-ups for maintenance, can lead to more pleasant visits for parents and children, alike.
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