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    Why man has to suffer a painful death?


    by Gurumaa-Ashram

    Respected gurumaa, pranam, why almost every human being has to suffer from illness and then die a painful death? Only few people are lucky enough to die peacefully. It is sad to see someone suffering. Why death is so painful? One is not scared of death but it is pain that bothers. GURUMAA: Dear Vaneet, true, life is full of sufferings and death seems to be a very painful and your question why, well that is how the world functions, that is how the human body is. All the sufferings which are borne by the individuals are because the body is made of five elements and these elements are always changing and if you dont use your expertise of yoga and manage your body well, it will fall sick, sickness means pain. If you are not using the know-how of wisdom, gyana, and apply it on yourself, then definitely you will suffer the mental conflictions, confusions, distractions, frustrations, fragmentation of the mind, oscillation of the mind, imagination of the mind, and all these things give a lot of pain and anguish. Visit for more videos