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    Along with a master, can we have association with other saints?


    by Gurumaa-Ashram

    Question: Can one have a Master, and yet be attracted to another Saint, is it a quest for deeper connection!! GURUMAA: Well, I dont know, you have used this word attraction, what does that mean! If you have a master, if you call that person your master, then I think so, one master is more than sufficient for one life. One need not get attracted to others, to go and have a good pass time. Mind is always looking for convenience, so it might seem convenient that some saint is in a closer proximity, I am okay with that, you may have association with that person, but then what about that master whom you say, is your master. This means you are not following your master; you have not understood your master and you have no communion with your master. So please from now on, do not say that you have a master, you just say that I have association with some saints, some are close, some are far. Visit for more videos