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    Is the sexual aspect of Gay relationship permissible on spiritual path?


    by Gurumaa-Ashram

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    Question: Dear Gurumaa, I have heard many arguments suggesting that we are homosexual by preference and bringing up, but I know for a fact that in my case it is right from birth. What understanding of preference would one expect from a 3 or 4 year old? Yes, I started showing the gay propensity back then pertaining to the excessive scolding and brutal comments about my behaviour. I am more manly than many straight men now, but deep inside, I still fall for every move of a male body. My fantasies dont seem to change a bit. My question to you is Is the sexual aspect of gay relationship permissible since many would consider it unnatural? Can I still feel pure and Gods beloved after indulging in it, just like a straight couple do? Kind regards, Sumit. Gurumaa Answer: Well Sumit, the majority is of heterosexual, and homosexuals are in minority. Times are like this and society functions like this that whosoever is in majority, always have the power, the peak and the strings to control the other minority group. Regarding having the preferences of what you are suggesting in your question, I believe, these preferences have nothing to do with whether God love you or not, whether youll remain pure or not after indulging in it. I believe you will always remain in Gods beloved, whatever your choices are, hetero or homo, that doesn't make any sense, because at the level of body, we are different, male and female, but at the level of our mind, but at the level of our spirit, we are neither male or female, so wherever the question of Gods love for blessing come, it comes to you, it not comes to your body. So it doesn't matter whether you are in a male body or female body or what kind of life you are going to live, what preferences you are going to have. If you love god, god reciprocates this love back to you. And I don't think that any individual should be condemned or hated for making certain choices. One should be free enough to make the choices and one should not be judging oneself as what others think about you. But because you live in a society, so these things do matter in certain ways but the happier you are and stronger you are in your individuality, that gives you, the right to claim your status which you want for yourself.