I am suffering from Insomnia, please help!

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How can I stop the ever going unwanted and unnecessary conversation in mind about past, present and future? This is causing me 24 x 7 sleeplessness. And very often I have to be on sedative medications to recover from the effects of 3-4 days of unsound sleep. I feel Yog Nidra technique can be helpful, but not getting proper guidance on the same. Please help me to get rid of desires that are impractical to fulfil? Gurumaa Answer: Nirankar, I really can be compassionate to your condition, that you cant sleep enough, and thats for sure, if long duration of sleeplessness is experienced by anyone, it can surely damage lot many delicate and intricate system of our human system and you should make sure that you dont allow your mind to go into meaningless chattering all the time. You say how can I put a stop on that, you can only do that if you detach yourself, from the achievements or prestige, status, money, what ever is bothering your, you just have to go into those desires, de attach yourself from that, and know this, death may knock at anytime. So where do we have the time to waste on this unnecessary, meaningless thinking! Be vigilant, every moment of your life is a blessing, and you have to live in this aptitude and regarding Yoga Nidra, my suggestion is you can order your Yoga Nidra CD from our website gurumaa.com. Its very easy to follow, you need not be scared about it, there is nothing complicated which can harm you, and use Yoga-Nidra, at least twice a day and also if possible, if you have a know-how or if you have some yoga-ashram close to you, then may be if you can learn the yogic Asanas and also the techniques of Kunjal and Neti, will really help you. If I talk about the Ayurveda then, the Ayurveda says that getting Abhyanga done, thats the hot oil massages, and the Shirodhara, when the oil is dripped on the head for a certain period of time, say half an hour or so, and cleansing of your body is required. If you have too much of toxins in your body, if you have constipation, if your digestive system is in dis-order, well, youll find it difficult to sleep, and this agitated mind will agitate your body system more, and as the system gets agitated, so would be your mind, so its a very vicious circle. You need to work on the both front. So clean your body, out all toxins, in comes good Pranayama, Asanas, waking up at right time, sleeping, right foods, and most importantly, thinking about the mortality of your body and contemplating about that everything is about to change and death is round the corner.