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    Unabomber's Medicine Cabinet

    tim Leefeldt

    by tim Leefeldt

    The Unabomber Medicine Cabinet is a conceptual art piece part of series of cabinets designed for friends and others by In Your Face Productions in the 90's.

    This one was designed for a museum show in San Francisco but never made it on the wall. When I heard about personal effects going on sale in Atlanta Wednesday 5/18/11 to raise money for the victims families, I took it out of a dark corner in the barn and made this video to capture the content of the cabinet. Some of the obscure references and materials are represented in the video. The contents were mostly collected and assembled after exhaustive research into the Unabomber in newspapers, Time Magazine and books written and shortly after Ted Kaczynski's capture. He one of America's most notorious serial killers known as the Unabomber.