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    Colombia Arrests Hitmen Linked to Venezuelan Makled


    by NTDTelevision

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    Colombia arrests two hitmen who are thought to have worked for Venezuelan Walid Makled, who was recently arrested and extradited on drug trafficking charges. Makled was wanted in both Venezuela and the U.S. for smuggling tons of cocaine every month.

    Colombia announced on Monday the arrest of two hitmen who are thought to have worked for Walid Makled, one of the world's most wanted suspected drug lords.

    Makled was extradited from Colombia to his native Venezuela last week.

    Colombian Police Chief Oscar Naranjo made the announcement on Monday in Bogota.

    [Oscar Naranjo, Colombian Police Chief]:
    "In the past few hours we have captured in Colombia, particularly in Barranquilla, two hitmen who worked with Walid Makled, recently extradited to Venezuela. This organization, better known as the Piloneros, is part of a criminal structure dedicated to drug trafficking and murdering. Venezuela authorities link them to 18 crimes, particularly narco-terrorism crimes."

    Makled, known as "the Turk," caused a political scandal in Venezuela after he gave interviews in prison claiming he had earned $1.2 billion with the help of dozens of top officials on his payroll.

    Venezuelan officials deny Makled's claims and say his trial will begin quickly.

    At the peak of his power, Makled owned a commercial airline and ran parts of Venezuela's main seaport.