WoW: Depth of Field Wonderland [DoF-W] par Baron Soosdon

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Par Baron Soosdon
This is not machinima.
This is Depth of Field pornography.

I am not responsible if you start to come unicorns which come rainbows which come diamonds which are actually rainbows shooting diamond rainbow unicorns made of happiness joy and dead murlocs. With or without the power of over 9001 solarsystems and parallel universes. There will be no shame..

Eargasm leads to eyegasm. When I heard this majestetic remix of the Inception theme by DJ Orkidea, I knew that the song had a destiny to provide a soundtrack for something. And here we finally are!

Filming DoF stuff with Malu's machinima tool is not perfect but it gets the job done quite nicely.

WoW model viewer was not used at all, everything you see has been done 100% ingame. Additional colourization and other visual things added with Adobe After Effects and Sony vegas.

As this video is more of a showcase, my next DoF-project will be a music video which shall feature more storytelling.

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