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    Maoist Rebels Burn Vehicles and Open Fire in Eastern India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Maoist rebels in eastern India interrupted construction work of a national highway over the weekend. They burned about 32 vehicles and opened fire at a nearby base camp.

    Maoist rebels in the Demotand area in India's Jharkhand state turned violent and burned vehicles at a nearby base camp on Sunday.

    Around 250 Maoists entered the village, burning trucks and opening fire on people who were working for the four-line road construction work of national highway-33.

    To derail the contraction work, Maoists later attacked the base camp and burned around 32 trucks on the premises.

    [Gurmeet Singh, Camp Official]:
    "They didn't say anything, they just came and set fire to the trucks, after that they started shooting, then our police fired back at them."

    Singh also says that the Maoists came and opened fire at the base camp.

    [Gurmeet Singh, Camp Official]:
    "When we told the police that somebody was shooting, at that time we didn't know who they were but later we found out that they were Maoists."

    The rebels have spread into rural pockets of 20 of India's 28 states. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says the Maoists are India's gravest internal security threat.

    Over the past two decades they have turned extremely violent, not hesitating in killing civilians on the pretext they are police informers.