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    The Universal Secret Service Man

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    Mark Stanton Reade

    von Mark Stanton Reade

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    Well, they exist in just every country round the world, serving lots of different presidents, governments, states, political systems or streams and sometimes industrial or financial interest groups, too! They spy against other countries, the own population or political opponents of their own presidents, suppress the ordinary people of their countries by directly menacing them, beating them up or throwing them into prisons from where they never are seen again and much more! And all of them think themselves on the right side in the end, breaking the laws and seeing killing as a mere job very often! They are what I call the "universal secret service men" in my song. When will their class die out at last so that human mankind can focus on much more important things like our extremely endangered environment, the worldwide hunger, the future energy supplyment of the world, building of schools and universities where the young folks learn to think in wider categories than just any countries?