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    Mensaje a la nación Sr. Paul Chehade Candidato a President

    Paul Chehade

    by Paul Chehade

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    Dear fellow citizens, my name is Paul Chehade. I am American, born in Wilmington, Delaware, on October 26, 1965. I do not have a political origin. I like you guys, an ordinary citizen who decided to do something for our country, based on my business and social work experience.Our country has lost its way. Our country is being used by our government as the police of the world. Our country is being used by our government as a market destiny of the rest of the world, specially  China, through unfair and unregulated business transactions.In recent years, a passive position has been taken by our government with regard to these matters.As a consequence, unemployment has increased, local salaries have decreased significantly as well as industrial production in the United States.Our country has lost key positions in the international market, but not due to the incompetence of our industries or our people, but due to the neglect and indifference of our leaders. This is the true cau