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    Alicia Keys feat. Emin - Unthinkable [Remix]


    von lapearl84

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    uh, it ain't unthinkable to get the one you dream of
    just be patient, seize occasions,
    you will find the real love
    I know what I'm talking cause I've been through it all
    I help you, just keep walking, i will catch you when you fall
    now honestly, you gotta trust in me
    if you don't feel him, than just leave him
    it's the best you'll see
    it may take some time, until you're ready for the real love
    till then I will care for you like an angel from above
    no matter how long it takes, no matter how hard it gets,
    no matter if tears are shed when we are going to the bed
    i will wait for you, cause we're ment to be together
    I know you know it deep inside, that there is no one better
    look what you have, recognize what you want,
    find the way to get it may be like a hunt
    take the special person, and ask me I'm ready
    you're my princess, it ain't crazy, I'mma make you my baby