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    Soaring Temperatures Trouble Locals of Western India


    by NTDTelevision

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    With the mercury soaring to nearly 110 degrees Fahrenheit, locals in Western India are doing what they can to stay cool. They're being advised to stay indoors to avoid the heat... and it could get even hotter in the time to come.

    Soaring temperatures reaching nearly 110 degrees Fahrenheit is making daily life tough for residents of Rajkot City of India's Gujarat state.

    Doctors have advised locals not to venture outside and keep themselves hydrated.

    [Hemang Vasavada, Neurologist]:
    "People should avoid travel during the afternoon if it is not urgent. They should remain in their houses. High temperature combined with severe heat wave conditions affect the nervous system, as well the body's overall food and electrolyte balance, which can cause serious ailments."

    Meanwhile, juice vendors are cashing in on the temps, with sherbets such as wood apple being the favorite.

    [Saifuddin, Juice Vendor]:
    "Our forefathers started this business preparing natural sherbets and we are taking it further by producing natural sherbets. Our products are very natural and help people to cope with the extreme heat."

    The weather department has forecast that heat wave conditions will continue to rise in the days to come across Rajkot and its neighboring areas.

    Rajkot was the hottest city in the state in 1998, recording a temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit.