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    Dollar Wise Quality Cleaner's 'Veggie Van'

    Dollar Wise Quality Cleaners has an "Alternative Fuel Service Vehicle" that runs on local Winnipeg used vegetable oil. Seriously. Someone goes around and collects the vegetable oil from all your favorite restaurants, and that same oil is used to fuel the delivery van. No more worry of rising gas prices or environmental hazards for this green machine.

    How is it converted? After the van was purchased from Germany and shipped to Winnipeg, it was converted. Since we all know what happens to vegetable oil when it cools (it thickens), in colder weather, the van initially starts on diesel fuel. Once it's warmed up, it will convert over to using the vegetable oil. The savings comes to almost $10,000 annually, and since Dollar Wise loves to share, that savings is then passed down to the customer.