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    Man Protests by Scaling Sydney Harbour Bridge


    by NTDTelevision

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    On Sydney's famous Harbour Bridge Friday morning, cars and trains were brought to a standstill for two hours. That's because one man pulled a dangerous stunt--climbing the bridge to hang banners, angry that he doesn't have custody over his kids.

    A man who scaled the Sydney Harbour Bridge early Friday morning brought road and rail traffic to a standstill during the morning rush hour.

    The stunt forced the closure of the bridge that links north Sydney with the downtown area for around two hours, resulting in massive back-ups and left thousands of motorists, train and bus commuters stranded.

    Father of three, Michael Fox, was protesting over the rights of children from broken homes.

    Fox reportedly parked his truck near a bridge pylon and used ropes to climb the arch and unfurled banners reading "Plz help my kids" and "Kids first".

    [Michael Fox, Protester]:
    "I apologize to the motorists but I hope they do realize that this objective is bigger than that. We as a local community, a state and a country, we need to start looking after our kids."

    He repelled almost 300 feet down from his perch two hours after his protest began and was immediately arrested.

    According to New South Wales police, Fox was charged with three offences and was kept in custody until his appearance before court on Friday.