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    Cellphone roaming charges


    by hushest4



    @Hogwartshop; Straight talk has access to both types of Networks, CDMA, and GSM, of which the major carriers are Verizon, and ATT. Till date, Straight talk, as opposed to the basic tracfone brand has not had access to T-mobile, but I Thik, has had access also to Sprint, and US Cellular's networks. The network, if you had a CDMA phone, would in other words be a lot greater than only being with Verizon, or one major carrier, as it uses all of the similar network type carriers to gain signal - without any roaming fees - the beauty of Straight talk, and Tracfone.
    By Crealoe5 years ago
    @Polaend - I think people, myself included, stick with contract carriers and deal with the fees because you just don't think you can find anything better. I actually never really dealt with roaming fees or overages while I with a contract carrier, but my network was so weak and I heard good things about the ST network. I'm confused though exactly they are carried by since I thought it was only Verizon and now I'm hearing ATT as well. Which is it?
    By HogwartsHop5 years ago
    Why in heavens name would you be worrying about roaming fees, when you paid a prepaid amount, for an unlimited amount of usage? Sorry but Straight Talk has taken the word 'roaming', to the dumps. With an unlimited Everything plan for only $45, there is no worrying about roaming!
    By Polaend5 years ago