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    Inside Texas Death Row


    by letielles

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    MrSchmolko .
    the us is in great company...china, iran, saudi arabia, that's so sad, especially since while they invade half the world, they pretend to do it for justice and liberty. not even the russians have the death penalty anymore.
    By MrSchmolko .March
    Kate Johnson
    An eye for an eye. Thats what the lord says.....
    By Kate JohnsonFebruary
    lele the christian girl
    Jesus died for our sins and rose again on the the 3 days later.

    get is right worrden Jesus did not executed he got crussifide.
    Robert Stilz
    The state is hypocritical and wrong for stating death is wrong and then amending the wrong with more death. We saw the families on both sides themselves say that when the execution is over, nothing has changed, just more misery and loss. What is the state gaining from this act? Fear. They want to propagate fear. Not fear of committing a crime, but fear of opposing a state that makes murderers of everyone by taking their tax money and attributing it to this pointless, pessimistic brutality. Any sane, rational and good person is abhorred by this act by an entity like government, one that claims to be superior and sovereign to us, the common people. How can any group claim superiority and right when their solution to death is to bring more death into the world?
    By Robert StilzLast year
    I live in UK and agree with the death sentence. Although it's very sad that the not guilty are executed.
    Why spend so much money keeping the dregs of the world alive?

    There's a man who has been sent to prison for the rape of an 8 month (yes 8 month) old baby. I don't want to give my tax money keeping that monster alive. I'd sooner pay twice as much and put him to death!!!

    Also if i could change the law i'd scrap all this last supper, The victims didn't get to pick theirs did they!

    You wanna live by the sword then you're gunna die by the sword (or needle)

    Also stop making murderers into movie stars. Not bad is it to know your name will be on tv's all over the world and go down in history, run the execution live for all to see and that way it might put some one off killing another!

    I sound a bit hard? maybe, but what's out there to make another stop and think? nothing.
    It's about time we started caring about the victims not worrying about the killers!!
    By Staffie2 years ago
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