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    Sandstorms Cover Northern China


    by NTDTelevision

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    Massive sandstorms in northern China are shrouding cities in a yellow and orange haze. Weather forecasters are advising people to stay indoors until expected rains clear the air.

    Sand and dust storms hit a large portion of northern and northeastern China for the second consecutive day on Thursday. Cities have been blanketed in yellow clouds, disrupting transportation.

    The sandstorms hit Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces in the northeast on Wednesday night, carrying huge amounts of dust.

    The local weather bureau has rated the air quality "hazardous," and advised people to stay home, keeping windows closed or wear masks if they have to go outside.

    The harsh weather was expected to ease by Thursday evening with light rain... helping to clear dust in the air.

    In Inner Mongolia, sandstorms covered some of its cities in orange clouds of dust, reducing visibility to less than 650 feet.

    The swirling clouds of sand and dust forced airports in the cities of Erlianhot and Xilinhot to cancel all flights for the afternoon on Wednesday.

    Weather authorities expect temperatures in most of Inner Mongolia to drop significantly because of the storms.