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    Thai Court Withdraws Bail for Two Red-Shirt Leaders


    by NTDTelevision

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    A court in Thailand has withdrawn bail for two anti-government protest leaders. The leaders of the group known as the red shirts are facing accusations that their recent speeches could lead to political instability in the country.

    On Thursday, a Thai criminal court withdrew bail for two out of the nine red shirt anti-government protest leaders.

    Prosecutors have charged the nine leaders for offensive remarks in a speech during a protest rally on April 10th.

    The leaders arrived at Bangkok's Criminal Court amid tight security, as hundreds of red shirt supporters flocked to the court compound to give them moral support.

    On Thursday, the court withdrew bail for two leaders because their speeches could lead to possible disorder in the country.

    All of the nine have been charged with terrorism for their alleged role in bloody clashes last May between troops and demonstrators... that sparked rioting and arson across Bangkok and several northern cities.

    The Red Shirts say they'll keep fighting on.

    [Nattawut Saikua, Red-Shirt Leader]:
    "However, whatever happens to our friends whose bails were just revoked, they have insisted they will continue fighting. We, all, are willing to follow their intention to fight. The pain always comes to us, the people without power, but all the pain will be converted to power (to fight)."

    Lawyers of the two leaders have submitted documents to apply for their release on bail with nearly $20,000 and appealed against the court ruling.

    The red-shirt protesters plans to stage a rally to mark the one-year anniversary of Thailand's worst political violence that ended on May 19 last year.