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    Locals Face Water Shortage in Northern India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Meanwhile, locals in northern India are facing a severe water shortage. Officials say it's because the distribution system is small and unreliable.

    Locals residing in the outskirts of the Haldwani district in India's Uttarakhand state are facing a major water shortage. They have to walk more than a mile everyday to fetch water.

    Local residents say that the authorities are not working to solve the problem.

    [Raghunath, Local Resident]:
    "We have complained to the Water Corporation officials, but they open the supply for one day and close it for two days. Sometimes, they supply water for one hour in a public water tap, some get it, and some don't. When we ask them about the reason of this scarcity, they say the tube wells are not functional."

    Officials blame the small size of the distribution system and the absence of an overhead tanker in the city for leading to the crisis.

    [Prem Singh, Executive Engineer, Water Supply Department]:
    "Currently, considering the summer season, we have the appropriate amount of water from Gola River. But, there is a shortage of overhead tanks and tanks, there is a problem, the process of distribution in the tail-end pockets of the town."

    The Gola River, which is a lifeline in the region, is on the verge of drying up and water levels in the dams have been everely depleted.