How to Get the Best Youtube Thumbnail? The New Algorithm Is NOT Random After All!

Max Green

by Max Green

It is now 2011, and Youtube has long since changed the algorithm that decides which thumbnail will be selected for your video upload. After much study, testing, research, and data graphing, I'm almost ready to write a computer program to help. Let me know if you would like to work with me. If you have java, c++, ansi c, or lisp, perl, python, javascript, or php programming skills, send me a message. If you are a computer vision, artificial intelligence (ai student), color histogram, image processing, or computer science expert, your input could be valuable. There have been a lot of loose theories based around randomization, background subtraction, categorization, sound and/or volume variation (audio-visual ratios), size, quantization, indexing, salient motion detection, effects, and transitions. This also relates to (seo) search engine optimization education techniques.