Shootout After Police Raid Drug Gang in Colombia


by NTDTelevision

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Police and members of a drug gang clashed in Colombia's Medellin. At least one person was killed in the shootout.

A dramatic shootout took place in a neighborhood in Colombia's Medellin on Tuesday.

Police had tried to arrest 11 members of a drug ring in the Limonar neighborhood when shooting between the two sides broke out.

One woman was killed. Police say she was a gang member.

But police have yet to determine if the bullet that killed the woman came from police weapons.

[General Yesid Vasquez, Chief of Medellin's Metropolitan Police]:
"There are shots in various places but I think the best test in this situation is the bullet that the doctor has. We can look at it and establish if it is from a rifle. The police don't have rifles at the moment."

A journalist and a policeman were also injured.

Locals say the police handled the situation badly and the violence put them in danger.