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    Fatigued Truck Drivers Cause Serious Accidents in Virginia and the Carolinas


    by HSinjurylaw


    Despite federal and state restrictions on driving hours and requirements for mandatory rest periods, commercial truck drivers often cause serious highway wrecks when they fall asleep at the wheel or lose their ability to concentrate and react quickly because they suffer from fatigue. The experienced trucking accident attorneys with our Virginia-Carolina personal injury law firm may be able to help you if you or a member of your family got hurt in a crash caused by a fatigued semi, 18-wheeler, tour bus or tanker truck driver. We hold law licenses to represent injury and wrongful death plaintiffs in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia (WV), Kentucky (KY), Florida (FL) and Washington, DC. Consider contacting us after a trucking accident on I-64, I-75, I-77, I-81, I-95, Route 1, Route 13, Route 17, Route 58 or Route 460.