Lonnie Johnson: Awake to the Possible 2/6

Sunlight Oxygen

by Sunlight Oxygen

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"The reason people are now interested in lithium-air batteries is that they're starting now to realize that Lithium-ion batteries have limitations that will be a real challenge for the auto industry to make electric vehicles possible, and, whereas the industry is struggling to get to a hundred miles on a single charge, this technology will allow you to go up to thousand miles on a single charge."

If inventor Lonnie Johnson is right, next generation energy generation and storage technology will revitalize the American economy, put millions of people to work, reduce the need (and cost) of foreign military adventures, impair the power of several semi-hostile nations, lessen pollution, enhance public health and curtail global climate change. Not bad for a guy who made his first fortune by inventing the Super Soaker water gun. Reputable scientists believe that he is right both about the future and his role in it.