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    More Ideal Protein Silverdale Reviews

    IN FOUR MONTHS I HAVE LOST 40 LBS.!!! This has been a journey of learning. I started on Ideal Protein in December and in four months have lost 40 lbs. I've learned what my body can do when it has no carbs or sugars to burn for energy and it goes after my fat. The Ideal Protein steadily fed my muscles so I lost that fat rather than losing muscle. The result is energy from the good stuff - protein. I've learned more about my old eating habits that got me where I was.

    NOW I AM WEARING SIZE 2!!! Thanks to Ideal Protein I lost 42 lbs in 11 weeks. I have never been this thin my whole life. Now I am wearing size 2. The diet was super easy and I had amazing energy. My hair and nails are more healthy and strong. The best part is that I no longer have to take high blood pressure medication. I have not gained any weight back since I finished the diet 4 months ago. I love it. - K.K., Silverdale.