Yelawolf Talks Mamawolf, NWA, Being Homeless & More

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  • Add to Exclusive in-depth interview with Yelawolf. In part 2 of this interview Nick Huff Barili ask Yelawolf about a twitter comment he made wishing interviewers would stop being so predictable. Catfish Billy says that now days anyone with a flip cam can start a blog and call themselves a journalist but a lot of interviewers don't do their research and ask the same ole questions. Preach! After a performance clip of My Box Chevy, Yelawolf tells a story about being almost suspended from school in 5th grade for writing his first rhyme, which was laced with profanity. Mamawolf came to school and cussed out the principal telling him that her son was just expressing what he was dealing with every day. ; Yelawolf knew then that his Mom has his back and that he could express himself creatively however he wanted. Big up Mama Wolf! And follow her on twitter @OneMamaWolf7. After a performance clip of Daddys Lambo, Catfish Billy talks about being homeless on Telegraph in Berkeley, Ca.