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    "Terrific Performance" - Shen Yun in Slovak Republic


    by NTDTelevision

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    Shen Yun Performing Arts gave another performance in the Slovak National Theater Sunday. As our correspondents reports, audience members were impressed by the professional skills of the dancers and choreography of the performance.

    This is the second performance by Shen Yun at the Slovak National Theater.

    Some of the audience members had high praise for the dancers.

    [Stefan Zima, University Dance Professor]:
    "Great costumes and I especially bow and congratulate the dancers. Really terrific performances. I think there were 19 women and 18 to 19 men. They all had very high professional skills."

    [Dasa Pavlikova, Student]:
    "I think, that this show is totally inspiring and amazing, it's obvious, that these dancers are professionals and they are the top in their field."

    [Elena Korimova, Elementary School Teacher]:
    "I am really charmed, as this kind of music and this kind of dance are not unknown to me any more. The nature, the movement of the dancers and their variations including the costumes, that's all amazing."

    Classical Chinese dance has a vast training system, and is a dance form still mostly unknown in the West. It carries the essence of Chinese cultural expression in its movements, postures, and aesthetics.

    [Stefan Zima, University Dance Professor]:
    "And that is the incredible mastery of teachers and trainers that I have experienced myself. I think it's great to see the teaching and choreographic art behind the work. Congratulations and I am glad I could see it."

    This was Shen Yun's last performance in Europe. It has toured for three months and performed in some of the Europe's largest cities.

    NTD News, Bratislava, The Slovak Republic.