Railway Police Issued AK-47s in Mumbai, India

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India's federal Indian and Maharashtra state governments have endorsed a proposal to issue AK-47 assault rifles to police patrols at Mumbai railway stations. The proposal is aimed at improving commuter security in the region, which has been the target of several bomb attacks in recent years.

Police patrols at India's Mumbai station will soon be issued with AK-47 rifles in a move aimed at increasing security.

The spokesman of Western Railways says 130 AK-47 rifles have been purchased, and around 30 policemen will be trained to use them to deal with terrorist attacks.

[Sharat Chandrayan, Spokesman, Western Railways]:
"These rifles will be given to the Railway Police for railway stations that are vulnerable to any sort of terror. The AK-47 is an assault rifle and will increase the firepower of the policemen who are present in these railway stations. In case of any terror attack, our policemen will have the required firepower to deal with the situation."

Local residents in Mumbai have praised the decision as a positive step in increasing commuter safety.

[Jay Mehta, Mumbai Resident & Commuter]: (Hindi)male
"The security arrangements are much better as compared to earlier times. However, it still needs to improve a lot as the average person still doesn't feel secure."

Commuter confidence has decreased in recent years after bomb blasts under the Western Railway at Mumbai in 2006 and militant attacks in 2008.