Get Your Straight Talk Phone at Walmart

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Get you phone, your airtime card and great cheap nationwide coverage all at Straight Talk!


I jst feel the need to comment on the uploader's sentiment tha there's great nationwide coverage: It's true that Straight talk does have great nationwide coverage, but it's very important to choose your handset correctly. Choose it according to which major carrier is strongest in your area. If it's Verizon, then choose a CDMA model handset. If it's AT&T, th choose a GM model device.
By davidoffy 3 years ago
The price and terms of Straight talk's unlimited plan, makes the plan a brilliant business assett all on it's own. The certainty of knowing you will never run out of minutes at any one time of the month certainly alows for better rest at night. The biggest concern, then only becomes the battery life of your phone, which will always run out bofore the month is done :)
By Klippies 3 years ago