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    Chinese Family Planning Officials Probed for Baby Trafficking


    by NTDTelevision

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    Family planning officials in central China are under investigation for abducting and trafficking babies born in violation of China's one-child policy, state-media reported.

    This week, the Caixin Magazine reported that at least 15 babies were forcefully taken away from families in Hunan province. Birth control officials sell the babies to welfare agencies. They're then put up for adoption overseas.

    Caixin says this has been happening for ten years. Officials reportedly receive 1000 Yuan—or 155 U.S. dollars—for each child they sell. Welfare agencies can then receive up to $3,000 for each adopted child. The magazine reports babies have been sold into adoption to people from the United States, the Netherlands and Poland.

    In their move to reduce population growth, the Chinese regime allows most families to only have one child. The policy has long been criticized because family planning officials often abuse enforcement laws to make a profit.