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    Clean Food for Chinese Communist Officials Amid Safety Scandals consumers


    by NTDTelevision

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    With toxic additives found in food like pork and buns, many Chinese consumers are having a tough time finding food that's safe to eat. But according to a report last week, China's communist officials may not have these problems. That's because some are getting their food from special suppliers who have to meet strict safety standards.

    As food safety scandals continue to emerge in China, local media revealed that some communist officials are supplied with clean, safe products especially grown for them.

    In an article that was taken offline, the Southern Weekend reported last week on a special greenhouse in Beijing. It's protected by a six-feet high iron fence, and its organic produce goes to Beijing Customs officials.

    And these "special food suppliers" are not limited to Beijing. Their products range from fruits and vegetables to pork and poultry. These suppliers have to comply with strict safety standards before their products can reach the mouths of communist officials.

    For most ordinary Chinese, this is a far cry from how their food is managed.

    [Beijing Resident]:
    "Beijing's Education Department has a block of land near Hebei. They have everything there, fish, vegetables, all taken care of by their own people. The Department's officials share the produce, and that's what they eat. Only ordinary citizens have no one looking out for them. The officials live happily, and the people eat what they can and await death."

    Whether it's beans, rice, buns or pork, Chinese consumers have been hit with a string of toxic or dangerous foods.

    Even so, the Chinese regime's head of food safety Zhang Yong claimed last Friday that the overall situation of food safety was good. He blamed the media for over exaggerating, saying the problems only affect a small part of the public.