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    FLOOD PUMPS, Flood Waters, Sewage, Sludge NEW High Volume Hydraulic Pump Rentals Video

    Ken Dugas

    by Ken Dugas

    Excellent Flood Pumps! These units are designed to Pump Out Flood Waters, Sewage, Sludge and other applications where a durable high volume pump is needed in tight work areas. Operates on Portable Hydraulic Power packs, Excavators, Bobcats etc. See Video
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    A High Volume System great for the efficient handling of petroleum product spills, collection of pollutants and flash flooding applications.
    The HD80T can also be fitted with the all purpose SLUDGE, SLURRY and SEDIMENT Auger Inlet providing for the breaking up of caked matter and its collection.
    Surface Skimming
    Oil Recovery
    Tank bottoms
    Pumping out Flood waters
    Sewage, Sludge , Slurry Pumping
    Water Pump
    For more information on specs, sales and rentals please call 985-518-1388 or e-mail us at